Automotive Consulting Services

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Technical Evaluations:

Automotive product development and innovation, Corporate Average Fuel Economy, CAFE, The Carlson Group

Today's Automobile Manufacturers face a wide variety of challenges. Cars need to get greater miles per gallon and reduced emissions while improving overall performance.

The Carlson Group has extensive experience with a wide range of technologies including:

Automotive Application Analysis:

Automotive safety systems, vehicle safety equipment, The Carlson Group

New technologies are being proposed for automotive use on a frequent basis. Many appear to be applicable, but after evaluation and testing fail to meet the rigors and established benchmarks of the automobile industry.

The Carlson Group has broad experience with Global Automotive OEM Standards. Additionally, we have worked on a wide variety of evaluations for many years. This cumulative knowledge often can shorten the review period and pick products with a higher likelihood of success.

Market Competitive Analysis:

Battery hybrid and electric drive systems, battery management system, BMS, lithium ion battery, The Carlson Group

Assessing how products and technologies will compete with established suppliers in future generation vehicles is challenging. Many factors must be reviewed including:

Intellectual Property:

Automotive intellectual property issues, The Carlson Group

The Carlson Group has extensive experience with intellectual property and patent-based assets. Frequently IP is the leading factor of competitive advantage in today's knowledge economy.

We combine the practices of intellectual property analysis, corporate strategy and investment advisory. We utilize proprietary mapping tools combined with many years of experience to assist clients maximize asset value.

Government Regulations:

Automotive government regulations, Code of Federal Regulations, CFR, The Carlson Group

Legislative and Regulatory matters require both a strong working knowledge of Governmental Systems and a familiarity with Elected and Appointed Officials. We offer a seasoned perspective and a strategic approach to evaluating the potential impact of new laws and regulations.

The Global Automobile Industry faces daily regulatory challenges, including escalating emissions standards and increasing mandates for safety related equipment. The Carlson Group tracks, analyzes and interprets pending legislation and offers strategies for future planning.

Product Life Cycle Projections:

Vehicles today are planned, built and refreshed in much shorter cycles. Many lessons from Technology Manufacturers have been applied to the Global Automotive Industry.

Today, the challenge is to have the right product at the right time with the right manufacturing capacity. However, today's product may be superseded in the next generation vehicle platform with very little notice.

The Carlson Group closely monitors Global Manufacturers Vehicle Planning and the adoption of new technologies. We can discuss the next generation product pipeline and evaluate which features have the greatest potential for growth.